The Genesis of Laptop Artwork-FORTRAN (Backus) a Laptop Artwork Medium Creates a Mosaic Mona Lisa

The Genesis of Laptop Artwork-FORTRAN (Backus) a Laptop Artwork Medium Creates a Mosaic Mona Lisa
The Genesis of Laptop Artwork-FORTRAN (Backus) a Laptop Artwork Medium Creates a Mosaic Mona Lisa

The place did pc artwork, pc graphics and pc animation start?

Written communication turned sharable and pervasive as soon as stone etchings have been changed with the mobility of paper and ink. Equally as soon as pc languages superior from machine or meeting code to 3rd technology pc languages, solely then did pc output advance from easy alphanumerical (possibly mosaic) printouts to graphics and pictures with easy curves and realism.

Laptop graphical output acquired its humble begin when alphanumeric characters hammered on TTY and line printers to characterize X-Y graphs and even mosaic photos. It was crude, however allowed for a simpler evaluation of mathematical and scientific options. Laptop programming languages like FORTRAN and BASIC made it simpler to develop and program printers, plotters and CRT screens to show and print graphics and in the end photos.

The FORTRAN programming language – a private and historic brief assessment.

FORTRAN programming as an Artwork Medium?

So it was attainable to create an alphanumeric printout image of the well-known Mona Lisa utilizing FORTRAN print statements. This picture of the Mona Lisa was finished by printing and over-printing commonplace alphanumeric characters making a mosaic artwork piece to kind a picture of that well-known Leonardo da Vinci portray. Step again from this pc printout and also you considered a easy duplicate of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Engaging in this rudimentary pc artwork could be hours and days of tedious work involving the next steps:

1) You would wish to take a replica of the unique picture and a grid (mapping to the 133 character width of a normal pc printout web page) on a bit of transparency.

2) Place the grid transparency on high of the picture after which fill within the grid cells over the picture with alphanumeric characters that may depict a mosaic of the unique picture.

3) Spotlight these grid cells that shall be overprinted (daring sort) to create shade and texture matching the unique picture.

4) Now you’re taking every line of the grid and code it utilizing FORTRAN print statements.

5) Like a brush to canvas the pc printout picture of Mona Lisa will take kind after many days of coding.

For a accomplished model of this course of and a ensuing pc mosaic of the Mona Lisa try the Pisaca Net Albums photos at:

The search has begun for entry to an 80 column punch card reader.

The FORTRAN code for the Mona Lisa Mosaic is on unique 90-column punch playing cards. Having access to an 80-column card reader may facilitate shifting the Mona Lisa FORTRAN code from its analog state to a digital model. Utilizing a web based editor, I may as soon as once more deploy the ability of FORTRAN to print copies of ‘pc mosaic’ Mona Lisa. Then ‘Mosaic Mona’ could be out there for the world to get pleasure from.

My infatuation with FORTRAN programming may need stemmed from the truth that each FORTRAN and I have been coincidentally created in 1954. Thanks John Backus for FORTRAN.


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