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Approve Your Google Adsense For YouTube Channel in 2019

How to get approval from adsense for youtube channel, adsense for youtube
Adsense For Youtube

Google Adsense For YouTube 

Are You want to become a Youtuber? And Want to Start Your Career Through Youtube? But, How it will be Possible to Earn Money from Youtube?
So, The Answer is our one and only Google Adsense! But Wait There are some conditions before you start making money from Youtube. In this post, I will cover all the topics related to Adsense For YouTube, Google Adsense Conditions for Youtube channel to get your monetization enabled.

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Google Adsense For YouTube

Every new Youtuber wants to earn money and see his/her First income on Google Adsense. But their are some Conditions before you can start making Money from Youtube, What are the Conditions?
According to New Monetize Rule (2019) For Youtube, The Following are the conditions Your channel must need to followed to Get your Channel approved by Google Adsense -

  • You need atleast 1,000 Subscribers
  • You need 4,000 hours of Watch time on your Youtube videos
  • Your channel must follow all Google Adsense guidelines
  • You can not publish videos which promote terrorism, hate and violence. Also, Hacking videos will not get approval from Google Adsense.

If you are new on Youtube. So, Choose a correct topic which is really helpful for your viewers and follow the Adsense guidelines.

And If you are a old youtuber and Want to approve Adsense account, Try to edit your old videos and remove the parts of the videos which is violating the Adsense Guidelines. Also, If your Youtube channel is completed 1,000 subscribers & 4,000 watchtime. Review your own channel before submitting it to Google Adsense. If you think that something is missing or few videos is violating some Adsense Guidelines. Adsense For Youtube
So, Remove them. Do not submit your channel if you think something  is doubtful because, In case of Disapproval, It is difficult to get Approved Again by Google Adsense. So, Try to make your channel as perfect as you can. Adsense For Youtube

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Now, Let we talk About How to Submit your Youtube channel to Google Adsense? 

Submit Google Adsense For YouTube

After, Your Channel completed 1000 Subs. and 4,000 Watchtime. You can submit your Channel to Google Adsense. They will verify that your channel is following Adsense Guidelines or not.
Steps to Submit you channel to Google Adsense -

  • Sign in to Youtube
  • Click on your Channel icon and Select 'My Channel'
  • Click on Customize Channel
  • Then, Click on Monetization
  • You will see the option to Submit  your channel to Google Adsense.
  • After, Clicking on it, A new page will open
  • Google Adsense takes upto 1-2 Month to verify your Channel.

Adsense For Youtube
In case of Disapproval you can re-apply to Google Adsense after making few changes. If everything is OK, You will get the approval and you can start making money from youtube and see your first dollar in Google Adsense Homepage.

Now, Let we talk about How much money you can make through Youtube?

Google Adsense For Youtube

Mostly Asked Question by every new youtuber is that How much money can we make through Youtube? So, the very simple answer is that, Your earning is depend on your Content, Videos and Audience retention. Also, Mark my words that, Google Adsense is not only the source of earning for Youtubers. Youtubers get Many sponsorship from different types of company and they get paid for promoting their products. If your channel become popular, You will also get many type of sponsorship from companies. Also, For Google Adsense, The More views you will get, the more money your youtube channel generate. You can place more ads on your youtube videos If its watchtime (Duration) is more than 10 minutes.

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Tips For New Youtubers

In starting, Nobody get views. However, Their content is very useful and helpful. Because New Youtubers do not well optimize their Videos for Youtube. Follow this simple steps yo get more views and subscribers -

  • Make An Attractive and Clickable Thumbnail. It is the first thing that every person see before clicking the video. If your thumbnail is catchy, You will get more views!
  • Make High Qulatity Content
  • Do Keyword research, How many person is searching for the Topic, You are going to make the video
  • Add keyowords in Description and Tiltle also.

These are some few tips for new yotubers. I hope you like our post. If you have any doubt related to this topic feel free to ask us at comment section below, We will try to clear your doubt or follow your suggestion as soon as possible. Thanks For Giving us your valulable time to our Blog (BlogLab.in).

Adsense For Youtube
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