Friday, 5 July 2019

Useful Tips Before Publishing A New Blog Post

Hi Friends, Today I am going to tell you about, Some Useful Tips before publishing a new blog post. 

If you are you a blogger and focusing only on Content Writing. So, This is not a good thing for your blog. Apart from content writing, there are many things that you should keep in mind before publishing your blog post.

Just writing and publishing posts is not called blogging. A good blogger is the one who takes care of all those things besides writing a blog post that can affect his blog, increase traffic, and much more.

You may have noticed this many times that when we publish a blog post and then publish it, then we get to see many such mistakes in the Grammatical, SEO, Keyword Density etc. Can be relayed from.

Let's know those things that you must watch or care about before publishing a new blog post on your blog so that your blog post is not only good but also great for every visitors!
Before writing any post, we do a little research about topics, find keywords related to them and then start writing posts.

If you keep any posts in mind without any matter just writing and publishing, then it is not easy for you to rank that post in the search engine because today's competition in blogging has increased and many blogs on almost every topic See you. So you can not get a result without giving your best.

If you optimized blog post very well, this will not only improve the number of visitors who visit your blog but will also be better for the search engines.

1. Choose the right title for the post

In the search engine for the visitors, the title of the blog post is the first impression. Post's title as click-worthy & catchy, it will be more likely that people to visit
Use the main keyword of the post in the title to make the title of the blog post brilliant, engaging and relevant. Also try to keep it simple and short. If possible, some catchy words like top 10, best, most, guide etc in the post title.

2. Make the post easy-to-read

Before publishing the post, check whether it is easily readable.

Make any post easy to read, heading in, proper use of subheadings. Keep paragraphs short and use short sentences with modern language.

The most important thing is that the information you are providing in the post is correct and it is easily understandable for the visitors.

3. SEO Optimized

Maybe this part is a bit difficult, but SEO Optimization is essential to rank posts in search engines and to get traffic on the blog.

Searching can be a bit different, but it is also important so that the search engine can identify the post and deliver the content in the right place.

Please use keywords in these parts of post -

  • Post title
  • URL
  • H1, H2
  • Meta Description
  • In Images (image name, alt tag)
  • In post content ( About 2% according to keyword density)

Use the Focus keyword in the entire content of the post, mostly do not allow keyword density to exceed 2-3%. If you are a WordPress user then definitely use Yoast SEO Plugin.

4. Perfect use of images

Use the photographs for visual content as well as in the post along with Writing.

Images used in the blog post are according to theme / template of the blog and match the colors, font, tone of the blog. This little thing makes your blog post very attractive.

Page Speed ​​is important for both blogs and visitors, so keep the size of photos used in posts below 100-150 kb so that blog posts can be loaded soon.

Avoid using too much images in the post and keep in mind that whichever photo you are using is copyright free.

5. Image alt tag

It's important to use alt tags to tell about the images of blog posts in search engines. Use post related main keywords as alt tag.

Also, edit the name of the images used in the post and edit it according to the blog post.

6. Post Linking

Before publishing the post, check that the blog post has convenient external and internal linking.

Provide links to the second post of your blog where needed for internal linking, and provide links to sites like Wikipedia for external linking in your post.

Proper linking reduces the bounce rate of the site and also benefits to SEO.

7. Read the post once (Proofread)

Once the post is completed write that Read like a Simple Visitors mind, it is called proofread. If there is grammatically and spelling mistakes, it will get an opportunity to correct.
If there are such mistakes in the blog post, then readers have a wrong impression about your blog.

I hope this article will help you. Also, Do not forget to give your suggestions on this topic by commenting below.
Thanks For Reading!