Friday, 5 July 2019

On Page SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Search engines.

Hello Friends, Today we will talk about On Page SEO! How to Optimize your blog post and Rank it on Google. 

On Page SEO Tips

If you are a blogger then you must have heard about SEO And how this works in the blog website. But until our blog is not fully SEO engine optimized, we can not get targeted traffic on our blog.
In this article, we will talk about On Page SEO Tips. 

How to use it, which is the first page income in our Website Search Engine many people want to know about it but some people know Seo Optimization Techniques and some bloggers take a lot of time to understand about it. Now in this post we will know how to optimize the blog from Search Engine.
How to use a great way to blog about how to perfect on page seo in blog.

On Page SEO technique that will be able to fully optimize the post which will increase the traffic of the blog and secondly the rank will improve.

1. Write A Targeted Keyword Title For SEO

When we write a new post, the first mistake we make in writing The Post Title. When the New Post is written, the title of the post should be such that the full meaning should be found in the content of the post and the search engine / reders should know from title what should be written within the post
And to check out which corner of the post title search engine you can give a great rank, search them differently. Now make heading of your post to anyone who can give you a great rank in the engine.

2. Target Keywords Under post

If you write a new post on any topic, you should use keywords in the post which is of some use and can provide a great rank in search. Do not edit the keywords in your post. In order to give a good rank to any post, search engine me must have at least 400 words within the post.

You can use Google AdWords tool or to get Target keywords. On these sites, you can search SEO targeted best keyword for blog post.

3. Permalink your post

The blogger also has a great way to set your post's url accordingly. By the way, the permalink becomes automatic according to the post title. But you can make it even better by editing your own according to which a good result can be found in the search engine of post.

4. Search

This is just the options for permalink below. This should also be done while writing a new post as it tells readers what is inside post. In this, write the target keyword of post in 20 to 100 words, because when we share the post on social media, there is a description of the post on it.

5. Use H1 H2 H3 Heading

You must know the meaning of heading but do not know what is the use of heading. So let me tell you that heading in the search engine gives as good a result as the title of post.

6. Post Photo

Use at least one image in any post as definitely as a photo is equal to 500 words and those who are readers are conformed to it that what will happen inside the post, then the readers will read the post more often and our blog The bounce rate is good at the readers' blog. And to add images to seo friendly, add captions, alt, properties.

7. Check Blog loading time

Find out how quickly your site is open. Which you can check by visiting the google page speed tool and Pingdom tool. Your blog's page speed time should be 0.4 seconds or less, If your blog's load fast, It will increase the website's CTR in Google.
And if you have an Indian reader on your website then you need to fasten your blog's page speed.

8. Use internal link

If you are posting and if you do not use link related to another related post, then your blog's Bounce Rate is likely to grow and you will have to suffer the loss of your blog and your blog. Because if you use any other post in the post, it will keep your readers up to 4-5 Pageviews on your website and also increase the visit time on your website so that will benefit you.

I hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about this topic. So, Comment us below!
Thanks For Reading!