Sunday, 7 July 2019

8 Tips For New Bloggers To Become Successful

Become A Successful Blogger 

Hello friends, today's post is for New Bloggers, or if you want to create your own blog ! In this post, how much money can be earned from the full scope of your blog! And how to increase traffic on new blog!
For A New Blogger it is not easy to Rank a Article and Drive traffic into it.

8 Tips for New Bloggers

1. How to earn money from Blogging

First of all, you can imagine that how you can make money from the topic you are interested in. Because only Adsense is  the trusted source of making money from Blogging but it is a very difficult thing to get approval! It means that if you are blogging related to Technology, you can earn money by doing product reviews by doing Affiliate Marketing, Also!

If you do a review and your blog will be a little bit populous! According to your blog, you will get the product's Paid Review! For which you have to review honestly! In this way you will not have to depend on adsense only!

 So, First think of your blog's content from the competition and create your own blog according to your interest and then focus on traffic!

2. Write Quality Content

There are many new bloggers, who quickly writes 100 articles on the blog for Quantity and then keeps waiting for Traffic!

But maybe you do not know the number of quality posts i.e. 2000 words are in good rank and sometimes at the top! That's why you should also try to write at least 2 quality posts and 3 post normal 1000 words in WeeK!

In the Google Search algorithm, the same holds the post result only, so you can not share the information of the extravagant post in your post, just write the useful post on your blog!

3. Write Guest Post

When you start your blog, you only pay attention to your blog! It's a good thing, but if you do not know anyone about your blog, then what is the best way to promote a post on blogs? Please request a guest post on your blog related to popular blog!

If your post looks good to readers of that blog, then they will definitely read it on your blog and by doing so you will be very popular soon!

4. Increase Your Domain Authority

If you want to post your blog's posts in Google Search and other search results, then you will have to increase the authority of your blog domain, that means you must comment on good blogs and take backlink!

Along with Backlinking, you should create a page on all social networking sites and enter the website link and share your post on all social pages as well!

5. Focus On SEO (Search engine optimization) 

You can ignore SEO in startup but as you become experienced in the blogging field, you need to pay more attention to SEO! You should write all posts in keeping SEO in mind!

You should avoid overuse of keywords for SEO! Some people have content less in their posts but keywords are placed in the large amount then the original content.So, Google Penalize this types of article. Keep Keyword density about 2%

6. Analyze Your Traffic

After creating the blog, you now have to analyz from where  the traffic is coming from where you said on your blog and where you can come from Future and traffic!

For this, you can make full use of methods like Email Marketing, YouTube Videos, Social Media, Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, and I already confirmed to you that all these methods are suggested by Top Bloggers!

7. Pay attention to the same blog

Do not make 4-5 blogs for you to earn more money! You Just Focus on One Blog Believing you will be craving to get success on more than one blog because you will not be interested in any blog, you will be very bored quickly and blogging will be useless for you!

8. Write For Readers And Visitors, Not For Money! 

When you are a little old in blogging, you always start typing on the keywords selected from Google AdWords's Keyword planner and you ignore the problem of your visitor. Giving your Visitor's interest starts decreasing!

So you do not have to come to the search result but write a post according to the need of the people! You want to analyze why people like your blog, then focus on what you write on your posts!

So Friends, These are the Top 8 Tips For New Bloggers. I hope this helps you. if you have any questions about this topic. So, Feel free to ask us at Comment section Below!
Thanks For Reading!