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Approve Your Google Adsense For YouTube Channel in 2019

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Adsense For Youtube

Google Adsense For YouTube 

Are You want to become a Youtuber? And Want to Start Your Career Through Youtube? But, How it will be Possible to Earn Money from Youtube?
So, The Answer is our one and only Google Adsense! But Wait There are some conditions before you start making money from Youtube. In this post, I will cover all the topics related to Adsense For YouTube, Google Adsense Conditions for Youtube channel to get your monetization enabled.

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Google Adsense For YouTube

Every new Youtuber wants to earn money and see his/her First income on Google Adsense. But their are some Conditions before you can start making Money from Youtube, What are the Conditions?
According to New Monetize Rule (2019) For Youtube, The Following are the conditions Your channel must need to followed to Get your Channel approved by Google Adsense -

  • You need atleast 1,000 Subscribers
  • You need 4,000 hours of Watch time on your Youtube videos
  • Your channel must follow all Google Adsense guidelines
  • You can not publish videos which promote terrorism, hate and violence. Also, Hacking videos will not get approval from Google Adsense.

If you are new on Youtube. So, Choose a correct topic which is really helpful for your viewers and follow the Adsense guidelines.

And If you are a old youtuber and Want to approve Adsense account, Try to edit your old videos and remove the parts of the videos which is violating the Adsense Guidelines. Also, If your Youtube channel is completed 1,000 subscribers & 4,000 watchtime. Review your own channel before submitting it to Google Adsense. If you think that something is missing or few videos is violating some Adsense Guidelines. Adsense For Youtube
So, Remove them. Do not submit your channel if you think something  is doubtful because, In case of Disapproval, It is difficult to get Approved Again by Google Adsense. So, Try to make your channel as perfect as you can. Adsense For Youtube

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Now, Let we talk About How to Submit your Youtube channel to Google Adsense? 

Submit Google Adsense For YouTube

After, Your Channel completed 1000 Subs. and 4,000 Watchtime. You can submit your Channel to Google Adsense. They will verify that your channel is following Adsense Guidelines or not.
Steps to Submit you channel to Google Adsense -

  • Sign in to Youtube
  • Click on your Channel icon and Select 'My Channel'
  • Click on Customize Channel
  • Then, Click on Monetization
  • You will see the option to Submit  your channel to Google Adsense.
  • After, Clicking on it, A new page will open
  • Google Adsense takes upto 1-2 Month to verify your Channel.

Adsense For Youtube
In case of Disapproval you can re-apply to Google Adsense after making few changes. If everything is OK, You will get the approval and you can start making money from youtube and see your first dollar in Google Adsense Homepage.

Now, Let we talk about How much money you can make through Youtube?

Google Adsense For Youtube

Mostly Asked Question by every new youtuber is that How much money can we make through Youtube? So, the very simple answer is that, Your earning is depend on your Content, Videos and Audience retention. Also, Mark my words that, Google Adsense is not only the source of earning for Youtubers. Youtubers get Many sponsorship from different types of company and they get paid for promoting their products. If your channel become popular, You will also get many type of sponsorship from companies. Also, For Google Adsense, The More views you will get, the more money your youtube channel generate. You can place more ads on your youtube videos If its watchtime (Duration) is more than 10 minutes.

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Tips For New Youtubers

In starting, Nobody get views. However, Their content is very useful and helpful. Because New Youtubers do not well optimize their Videos for Youtube. Follow this simple steps yo get more views and subscribers -

  • Make An Attractive and Clickable Thumbnail. It is the first thing that every person see before clicking the video. If your thumbnail is catchy, You will get more views!
  • Make High Qulatity Content
  • Do Keyword research, How many person is searching for the Topic, You are going to make the video
  • Add keyowords in Description and Tiltle also.

These are some few tips for new yotubers. I hope you like our post. If you have any doubt related to this topic feel free to ask us at comment section below, We will try to clear your doubt or follow your suggestion as soon as possible. Thanks For Giving us your valulable time to our Blog (BlogLab.in).

Adsense For Youtube
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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Best Free Web Hosting In India With SSL And Super Fast Servers

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Free Web Hosting In India

Hello Friends, Are you a Beginner? and Looking for a Free Hosting which is Fast And Secure with Free SSL Certificates. In Todays Time, It looks like it is impossibile especially in India. But, There are some Companies which is providing Free And Fast Web hosting.

Free Web Hosting In India

What we think about every Free Web Hosting?

Most of us thinks that all the Free web Hosting is Slow without any Security, Poor performer which is really true with most of the free web hosting services. But, What will be your reaction, When I will tell you about a Fast and Secure Web Hosting Which is absolutely Free of Cost. You do not even have to pay a single Penny!

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Starting Price 99/- Rs. Only
Free Web Hosting In India

So, Today I am going to tell you about the Top 3 Most Popular websites which will give you Hosting Service For your blog absolutely Free of Cost.

1. Blogger

Who is here? Who do not know about Blogger. Most of the Popular blogger Start their Career from Blogger. Yes, It is true. It is the best option for each and every beginner.
You can connect / Link your Custom domain like example.com/example.in Here.
More Features - 
You will get thousands of template. According to your blog need.
Many Options like Edit HTML, Layout etc.
Visit Blogger
Free Web Hosting In India

Blogger is a Google Product and you can imagine its quality. Yes, I know Many people say that there is not much different Plugins like Wordpress but If you are a beginner. So, Definietly I will recommend you to use Blogger For Both Hosting And Security. Oh Yes, You will get Free SSL too for Lifetime If you continued to use Blogger.
Free Web Hosting In India

2. ByteHost

If you want to Host your Wordpress blog or website for FREE. So, I will recommend you to use ByteHost. It will give you the features like One-Click Installation, 200GB Monthly Transfer, Easy Control Pannel For Free, 5500 MB Disk Space and Customer Support as well. I think it is the best Hosting for Free. But, If you have a Small Amount of Budget i.e, 5 Dollar. So, You can use Hostgator Hosting, Instead of ByteHost. Click Here to Get Discount On Hostgator Hosting, Exclusively By BlogLab.
Visit ByteHost
Free Web Hosting In India

3. Weebly

It is a Free Site Powered by Wix.com. You can create a Landing Page like Website using Weebly, Which is absolutely Free of cost. It offers the features like 500MB of storage (Free), up to 500MB of bandwidth And More with Paid Plans, and unlimited access to support staff.
You can easily create your website using Drag and Drop System. No coding needed to create your site on Weebly. You can also place your Google Adsense Ads on Weebly, If your website get the approval.
Visit Weebly
Free Web Hosting In India

What is My Recommendation? (Conclusion) 

I definitely recommend you to use Blogger Because It will give you the several features Like Free SSL, Free Web Hosting with unlimited access, Security of your Website by Google and Many Many More! It is a very good option for every beginner. Although, It is also depend on your site need If you want a Landing Page website you can go for Weebly. It is not a Bad option, Also.

If you have a Small Amount of Budget i.e, 3 Or 5 Dollar. So, You can use Hostgator Hosting, Instead of Another Free hosting (Except, Blogger and Weebly) . Click Here to Get Discount On Hostgator Hosting, Exclusively By BlogLab.

Free Web Hosting In India
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Sunday, 7 July 2019

8 Tips For New Bloggers To Become Successful

Become A Successful Blogger 

Hello friends, today's post is for New Bloggers, or if you want to create your own blog ! In this post, how much money can be earned from the full scope of your blog! And how to increase traffic on new blog!
For A New Blogger it is not easy to Rank a Article and Drive traffic into it.

8 Tips for New Bloggers

1. How to earn money from Blogging

First of all, you can imagine that how you can make money from the topic you are interested in. Because only Adsense is  the trusted source of making money from Blogging but it is a very difficult thing to get approval! It means that if you are blogging related to Technology, you can earn money by doing product reviews by doing Affiliate Marketing, Also!

If you do a review and your blog will be a little bit populous! According to your blog, you will get the product's Paid Review! For which you have to review honestly! In this way you will not have to depend on adsense only!

 So, First think of your blog's content from the competition and create your own blog according to your interest and then focus on traffic!

2. Write Quality Content

There are many new bloggers, who quickly writes 100 articles on the blog for Quantity and then keeps waiting for Traffic!

But maybe you do not know the number of quality posts i.e. 2000 words are in good rank and sometimes at the top! That's why you should also try to write at least 2 quality posts and 3 post normal 1000 words in WeeK!

In the Google Search algorithm, the same holds the post result only, so you can not share the information of the extravagant post in your post, just write the useful post on your blog!

3. Write Guest Post

When you start your blog, you only pay attention to your blog! It's a good thing, but if you do not know anyone about your blog, then what is the best way to promote a post on blogs? Please request a guest post on your blog related to popular blog!

If your post looks good to readers of that blog, then they will definitely read it on your blog and by doing so you will be very popular soon!

4. Increase Your Domain Authority

If you want to post your blog's posts in Google Search and other search results, then you will have to increase the authority of your blog domain, that means you must comment on good blogs and take backlink!

Along with Backlinking, you should create a page on all social networking sites and enter the website link and share your post on all social pages as well!

5. Focus On SEO (Search engine optimization) 

You can ignore SEO in startup but as you become experienced in the blogging field, you need to pay more attention to SEO! You should write all posts in keeping SEO in mind!

You should avoid overuse of keywords for SEO! Some people have content less in their posts but keywords are placed in the large amount then the original content.So, Google Penalize this types of article. Keep Keyword density about 2%

6. Analyze Your Traffic

After creating the blog, you now have to analyz from where  the traffic is coming from where you said on your blog and where you can come from Future and traffic!

For this, you can make full use of methods like Email Marketing, YouTube Videos, Social Media, Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, and I already confirmed to you that all these methods are suggested by Top Bloggers!

7. Pay attention to the same blog

Do not make 4-5 blogs for you to earn more money! You Just Focus on One Blog Believing you will be craving to get success on more than one blog because you will not be interested in any blog, you will be very bored quickly and blogging will be useless for you!

8. Write For Readers And Visitors, Not For Money! 

When you are a little old in blogging, you always start typing on the keywords selected from Google AdWords's Keyword planner and you ignore the problem of your visitor. Giving your Visitor's interest starts decreasing!

So you do not have to come to the search result but write a post according to the need of the people! You want to analyze why people like your blog, then focus on what you write on your posts!

So Friends, These are the Top 8 Tips For New Bloggers. I hope this helps you. if you have any questions about this topic. So, Feel free to ask us at Comment section Below!
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Saturday, 6 July 2019

What is Mobile Wallet? Advantages Of Mobile Wallet

Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you about What is Mobile Wallet? And What are its Advantages.

What is a mobile wallet? Do you know what a mobile wallet is? Most smartphone users use mobile wallet. In this post we are going to give you complete information about the benefits of mobile wallet.

What is Mobile Wallet? 

Mobile wallet has also become an important part of people's life. Because it has eliminated many of our cash problems. We can pay by mobile wallet in many places.

Mobile wallet is also known as Mobile Money and Mobile Money Transfer.

Simply put, mobile wallet is similar to a bank account opened in mobile. In which money is stored as a digital money. It is a virtual account like ordinary bank account.

Only some bank makes the transactions based on our documents, in the same way, the mobile that list transmits the basis of the user's mobile number.

For example, if you go to a shop, buy clothes from the clothing store, if they buy any goods from the market, then you can pay them via mobile wallet

But it can be possible only if you have a mobile wallet service available at the store you have purchased, you can pay by app, website.

How does Mobile wallet work?

Mobile Wallet works on the simple principle of transferring money from one account to another. Both the users and users who have the same should have a mobile wallet account.

As we mentioned above, mobile wallet is a virtual account in which you have to put money through a bank account, debit card or credit card. Just, Add money to your Mobile Steps & Start Making Payments, All over the world!

After that, whenever you buy a product and the product company accepts the mobile wallet, you can pay with the money added to the mobile wallet.
After depositing money in mobile wallet, you can make payments using your mobile, tablet and smart watch rather than using a credit card.

Mobile Wallet is both prepaid and postpaid. The prepaid wallet needs to be recharged so that you can use that money to make an online payment.

While postpaid Wallet cuts money directly from your bank account. As soon as you spend with your wallet, the money will be deducted from your bank account.

What is the type of mobile wallet?

Mobile walts are more than one type. There are three types of mobile wallet available in India.

1. Open Wallet

In this type of wallet, there is also a facility for cash withdrawal as well as shopping. That is, through this type of mobile wallet, you can withdraw money through ATMs and other means.

2. Semi Closed Wallet

Under semi-closed mobile wallet, you can shop online and take any service. But you can not remove the cache from it.

3. Closed Wallet

In this wallet, if the order is canceled, the money is locked to the merchant or shopkeeper. That is, when the service provider puts some amount in the user's wallet for the services of his company, then that money can be used only by buying the company's product.
For example, flipkart and amazon

How to use mobile wallet?

You just have to do these 3 things.

First you register in that wallet.
After that, set the balance in your bank account through credit card.
After adding the balance, you can start making payments. u can use mobile wallet to make money transactions, shopping, shopping online or buying any stuff.
Many companies also offer cashback offers, you can also save money by buying them, Like Amazon Pay.

Advantages  of mobile wallet

Mobile Wallet has many advantages and there are some disadvantages too. Let me tell you about the benefits of mobile wallet and what is the harm.

Benefits of Mobile Wallet:

  • Purse i.e. lose wallet, or your pocket can be cut. But mobile wallet can neither be stolen nor can be lost.
  • Like a purse in mobile wallet, you can keep your money according to your needs. The advantage is that you do not have to make your bank account, debit card, and credit card information public.
  • In mobile wallet, just keep the money according to the need. That is, if someone accesses your mobile wallet, your bank account money will be safe.
  • There can be problems with open money while paying with manual purse. But with mobile wallet you can easily pay for any amount of money.
  • There is no need to take a lot of cash with mobile wallet. Also, the problem of carrying ATM cards with you every time comes to an end.
  • People who repeatedly forget to carry ATM cards with them. Mobile Wallet is a great way to pay for them.

So, I hope this article Helps you. Please Share your thoughts on comment box with me.
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Friday, 5 July 2019

On Page SEO Tips To Rank Higher On Search engines.

Hello Friends, Today we will talk about On Page SEO! How to Optimize your blog post and Rank it on Google. 

On Page SEO Tips

If you are a blogger then you must have heard about SEO And how this works in the blog website. But until our blog is not fully SEO engine optimized, we can not get targeted traffic on our blog.
In this article, we will talk about On Page SEO Tips. 

How to use it, which is the first page income in our Website Search Engine many people want to know about it but some people know Seo Optimization Techniques and some bloggers take a lot of time to understand about it. Now in this post we will know how to optimize the blog from Search Engine.
How to use a great way to blog about how to perfect on page seo in blog.

On Page SEO technique that will be able to fully optimize the post which will increase the traffic of the blog and secondly the rank will improve.

1. Write A Targeted Keyword Title For SEO

When we write a new post, the first mistake we make in writing The Post Title. When the New Post is written, the title of the post should be such that the full meaning should be found in the content of the post and the search engine / reders should know from title what should be written within the post
And to check out which corner of the post title search engine you can give a great rank, search them differently. Now make heading of your post to anyone who can give you a great rank in the engine.

2. Target Keywords Under post

If you write a new post on any topic, you should use keywords in the post which is of some use and can provide a great rank in search. Do not edit the keywords in your post. In order to give a good rank to any post, search engine me must have at least 400 words within the post.

You can use Google AdWords tool or keywordtool.io to get Target keywords. On these sites, you can search SEO targeted best keyword for blog post.

3. Permalink your post

The blogger also has a great way to set your post's url accordingly. By the way, the permalink becomes automatic according to the post title. But you can make it even better by editing your own according to which a good result can be found in the search engine of post.

4. Search

This is just the options for permalink below. This should also be done while writing a new post as it tells readers what is inside post. In this, write the target keyword of post in 20 to 100 words, because when we share the post on social media, there is a description of the post on it.

5. Use H1 H2 H3 Heading

You must know the meaning of heading but do not know what is the use of heading. So let me tell you that heading in the search engine gives as good a result as the title of post.

6. Post Photo

Use at least one image in any post as definitely as a photo is equal to 500 words and those who are readers are conformed to it that what will happen inside the post, then the readers will read the post more often and our blog The bounce rate is good at the readers' blog. And to add images to seo friendly, add captions, alt, properties.

7. Check Blog loading time

Find out how quickly your site is open. Which you can check by visiting the google page speed tool and Pingdom tool. Your blog's page speed time should be 0.4 seconds or less, If your blog's load fast, It will increase the website's CTR in Google.
And if you have an Indian reader on your website then you need to fasten your blog's page speed.

8. Use internal link

If you are posting and if you do not use link related to another related post, then your blog's Bounce Rate is likely to grow and you will have to suffer the loss of your blog and your blog. Because if you use any other post in the post, it will keep your readers up to 4-5 Pageviews on your website and also increase the visit time on your website so that will benefit you.

I hope this article will help you. If you have any questions about this topic. So, Comment us below!
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